Stay Home and Enjoy These Top 5 Classic Hindi Films

Lockdown is not an easy time for anyone. It is really hard to stay 24/7 at home for cities which never sleep. So, what can you do to make your life stress free? Watch movies! Yes, binge watching classic Hindi films can work as a stress reliever during these hard times. Boss IPTV brings to you the largest library of Bollywood movies. Sit at home, switch on your favorite movie and relax. Entertain yourself, friends and family with these 5 top classic Hindi films.


  1. Do Bigha Zamin (1953)

The movie narrates the story of a farmer who travels to Calcutta to earn enough money to save his farmland from the grasp of the landword. This journey transforms him from a farmer to a rickshaw puller. The film goes on to showcase the misery faced by the poor farmers under the oppression of autocratic landlords. The film was critically acclaimed at international film festivals like Cannes and Karlovy Vary.

  1. Boot Polish (1954)

Directed by Raj Kapoor, this is an awesome story of 2 orphans striving to get an honorable living. The ring of heart-breaking truth, two kids trying to be idealistic even with hunger in bellies, is a sensitive story. Best part is, even though these movies are decades old, Boss IPTV ensures crystal clear picture and high sound quality. So you can watch the movies without any glitch.

  1. Jagriti (1954)

This movie, directed by Satyen Bose, can be a good binge watch during this lockdown. This Filmfare award winning movie is based on how a spoilt rich kid gradually moves back on track with the assistance of the boarding school head. The emotional moments created by Shakti (the obedient student from the boarding school), the mischievous activities by Ajay (the main protagonist) and the idealistic image of Shekhar (the boarding head), creates an interesting plot. As the movie is stored on the on-cloud library from Boss IPTV, you can watch it at any time. There is also option to pause the movie and play as per your convenience.

  1. Mother India (1957)

This is an epic Indian movie. Bring a smile on the faces of the elderly family members with this movie. You can watch these movies without any latency on Boss IPTV. Mother India is the story of an Indian woman with high moral values. The story is the blend of struggle and emotional turmoil encountered by Radha (the female protagonist of the film, played by Nargis).

  1. Madhumati (1958)

Want to enjoy some retro romance? Pick this movie from the Boss IPTV playlist. Enacted by superstars Dilip Kumar and Vyjayantimala, the movie is the special relationship that develops between a modern man and a tribal woman. Their love does not get fulfilled in their lifetime and hence are reincarnated. Besides the interesting storyline, the music from the movie lingers in your ears for long.



So now when you have some time in hand, explore these evergreen Indian hits with Boss IPTV. This premium Indian IPTV service provider adds movies to its playlist every week. If you live in Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Euro or any where else in world go to and talk to one of our live agent via online chat to know more, you can also reach us at 001-778-372-2112.

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