One of the most pertinent question in the mind of an Indian living in USA who wants to see Indian TV content is how to select the most reliable IPTV service provider.  We will provide our inputs here but would also like you to give your viewpoints in comments section below.

Following factors shall be duly considered-

1. Product Ahead of Price

Do not go just by price of the subscription. It is also important to go with the Product. By ‘product’ we mean the content provided therein. If the content is not to your taste then money will be going down the drain. So, do check for the different channels and movies and their genres.

2.Technology of Set Top Boxes

The STBs shall be of latest technology. The reason for the same is that the latest technology STB will last good for coming years and will be compatible with latest technology TVs. So, it is important to understand what these channel boxes come with and whether this is compatible with TV. A good provider will guide the users on whether the STBs are good to go with your TV or not.

Top STBs have direct impact on streaming quality. So, the effort shall be to take the best technology IPTV set top boxes.

3. Customer Service

The customer service forms the backbone of IPTV business. Right from installation to troubleshooting and providing all answers one needs, good customer service ensures that customers remain satisfied. An IPTV provider must had mature and dedicated staff for this purpose. The best way to know about the quality of this service to check for reviews and feedbacks online. Only independent and reputed platforms shall be considered for taking reviews seriously.

Do let us know who is the best provider of Indian IPTV services for you?