Face masks have been a common term these days. From the World Health Organization (WHO) to the disease control centers of different countries, every organization has started to advise people to wear face masks. These are no less important in today’s life than a gorgeous outfit or stylish shoes. Face masks are not a new concept. Also termed as surgical masks, these are personal protective equipment. Face masks are generally made with high quality fabric, like cotton and nylon. These have multiple benefits and are gradually becoming an essential accessory to stay safe and healthy. How? Let us checkout.


To Prevent Spreading Germs

This is one of the most important reasons why health organizations are advising everyone to wear face masks. Under this crisis of Covid-19 Pandemic, patients suffering from the disease are suggested to wear masks to prevent the spread of the disease. Experts consider wearing face masks to be one of the most likely reasons why the disease came under control at China, Japan and South Korea. When a mask is worn in proper manner, it can prevent the droplets (from cough and sneeze) being passed into the air.

To Stay Away from Germs

On the other hand, wearing face masks can also keep germs away. CDC, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has advised wearing masks in public. The mask will act as a physical barrier between the germs and the person. For medical first responders, physicians, nurses and health workers, wearing surgical masks are really important.

To Keep Air Pollutants at Bay

This is one the prime reasons why people can keep wearing masks, even after the Covid-19 pandemic is over. It is extremely important for a healthy individual to wear a face mask when outdoors. Wearing a face mask prevents pollutants from getting inside the body; pollutants are generally considered as the cause of several diseases. So anyone who needs to stay outdoors for long hours can wear face masks to upkeep good health.

To Prevent Breathing Problems

Pregnant women, children and the elderly are sometimes seen to be suffering from breathing problems when outdoors. The air pollution is often considered the reason for such health issues. Cardiac patients and people suffering from lung diseases are also advised by doctors to stay away from dust, smoke and air pollutants. A face mask can work as a savior for them.

So, wearing a face mask is now no less than a social responsibility. Stay healthy and keep people around you healthy by wearing surgical masks. The masks should cover the nose and mouth to effectively prevention germs from getting into the body. Rhysley manufactures surgical masks, surgical masks with nose wire, N95 respirator and other PPE kit. We ship face mask all across India and the world. As masks should be disposed after every use, you may need these in bulk. For more information visit www.rhysley.org or send email to sales@rhysley.org.