How would you judge the provider of any service or product? Of course, the product or the service would matter and it will be the foremost criteria for judging the provider, but is it the only one. Would you be encouraged to buy anything from a new provider? If yes, what will prompt you into the purchase behaviour? How will you know about the experience of the product supplier? What will you check and where? All these considerations are also true for the Indian IPTV service providers. Tashan IPTV, one of the leading players in the market, is not a newcomer. Rather, it has a standing of more than a decade in the US market.

The Product:

Tashan provides Indian TV channel content for the US market through its latest Linux and android set-top boxes.
Many features are available in the product. First, there is a library of more than 1000 channels in different languages of India and other countries in the region. Second, you have a video-on-demand service wherein you can call the provider to ask for the channel or movie of choice. Third, you can record and play back the content of TV channels for up to a week in the past. This way you do not have to miss out on your favourite programs. Fourth, Tashan provides the largest library of Bollywood movies, including the classic old ones. Fifth, you can also watch the OTT platform content using its product and services.

The Services:

Tashan IPTV has a dedicated 24 by 7 call centre which provides services related to the installation of the set-top boxes, troubleshooting, customer support, answering queries and providing all information needed about the products or the plan packages. Multiple channels of communication make it possible for the users to get in touch with the support team quickly.

The Reviews:

As discussed in the beginning, many factors are responsible for driving your purchase behaviour. One of these is the reviews. Their reviews are generally of the customers and they leave their reviews about your company, product or service on various social media channels that they visit. These reviews provide good insights into the reputation of the business. Tashan IPTV reviews can also be found on social media resources.