If you are from the Indian subcontinent and living in USA or Canada, you must be having Indian IPTV subscription packages. And, if you do not already have one, then you can consider having these since it literally costs you peanuts. While talking about the Indian IPTV, there are many providers but one can be singled out as being one of the oldest and high quality-oriented providers. This is Tashan IPTV. It becomes quite a household name in the Indian community living in the USA. Tashan has been providing the Indian TV channels content right into your living rooms, allowing you to remain connected to your motherland.

Tashan provides regional TV channels from India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, which makes it one of the most preferred providers of content to people of all these nationalities living in the USA. On top of it, it provides these channels at such subscription rates that they cost less than what the satellite or cable tv is going to cost you. The best package for Tashan TV is $350 for a 5 year period. When this is spread over months, it comes to about $6 per month, which is way below the monthly subscriptions for cable and satellite tv. Another important point to note is that the satellite and cable TV are not loaded entirely with the Indian content and which you might not be inclined to watch when you have the option of watching the Indian IPTV.

Tashan provides more than 1500 desi channels for under $6 per month. Is this not a value for money deal? So far as your concerns for quality go, do you think Tashan would have been able to survive in this competitive market for all these years had its quality been bad? So, rest assured on the quality front. Quality orientation is a normal way of doing business for us. Check out all the plans and packages of Tashan IPTV on our website www.tashantv.net.