There is no way Indians living in Canada can do without Indian IPTV service provider. There is a latent desire to remain connected to you region back in India. This necessity of cultural connectivity is provided through film and TV based entertainment. IPTV, or Internet protocol TV, is one of the finest and cheapest ways of remaining connected. How? IPTV allows for watching the TV channels riding on the internet backbone. VOIS is one such provider of Indian IPTV Channels in Canada. Being one of the early birds in this business segment, it was launched almost a decade back and had immediately struck a note with the Indian population or all those who loved watching Indian channels.
Wide and Balanced Portfolio of Content
In terms of the content, it provides one of the most comprehensive content libraries of Indian movies and TV channels in all popular languages. With Hindi and Punjabi being the most spoken Indian languages in Canada, the movies and TV channels in Hindi and Punjabi are most sought after. VOIS IPTV provides rich content in those languages. The movies and programs of channels devoted to different genres, such as TV news, sports, travel, lifestyle, spiritual, science, history and entertainment are provided through this service. Cultural aspects of their respective regions in India are also covered in the news items and programs which resonates with the people living in Canada. VOIS does very well to give a balanced collection or portfolio of all of these.
Besides Punjabi and Hindi, it also provides channels and movies in other languages- Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Gujarati, Assamese, Bengali and few others, covering the linguistic diverse landscape of India. While Punjabis form a vast majority of Indian ethnic background community in Canada, other communities from India also live here is sizeable numbers. With its diverse linguistic offerings, VOIS is suitably positioned as a perfect choice for every home.
Technically Superior Set top Boxes
If you look at the set top boxes which VOIS has been offering over all these years of its operation, you will realize that they have kept us the pace with technological evolution. They are not only keeping tab on what types of TVs are becoming famous for use in homes, but also on technologies being used in the set top boxes. One of the finest aspects of their customer support is that they will tell clearly whether their set top box is compatible with your TV or not. They had been offering linux based STBs for many years, while now they are offering latest Android boxes. Further, from HD streaming, they are now offering Ultra HD streaming, enabling enhanced audio-video quality.
If you are having old STB, VOIS also offers replacement of STBs at a fraction of the cost so that the advantages of modern technology and an improved viewing experience is not lost.
VOIS is in the process of redirecting energies for enhanced market share through delivery of superior product and services.
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