Stay connected with your motherland with Boss IPTV

Irrespective of where you reside in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand or Europe, you can enjoy your favorite TV shows in regional languages at an affordable cost. Boss IPTV is a leader in Indian TV channels and offers top sources of entertainment for Indian TV channel viewers. With a strong customer base, Boss IPTV has become an integral part of Indian households. They offer value for money and ensure that you enjoy their quality services with entertainment.

They offer glitch-free services through the data centers located in Mumbai, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Europe. The efficient date centers ensure that the audience enjoy live streaming without any delay and at their comfort and convenience. It makes Live game real-time in full HD channels a unique experience.

If you are tired of your TV screen freezing, it is time to make the switch from the local cable operator. You will enjoy a world-class viewing experience and will look forward to going home from work to watch your favorite TV show or a match with your family. There are special festive offers on Boss IPTV for you to choose from. You can enjoy more than 600 SD and HD channels without any freezing or buffering.

Irrespective of the language you prefer or the show you intend to watch, you will have everything at one click. There are 140+ Hindi channels, 85+ Punjabi channels, 60+ Pakistani channels, 50+ Tamil channels, 29+ Malayalam channels, 23+ Telugu channels, 20+ Kannada, and many more. There is an additional rewind feature that allows you to see your favorite shows anytime later. Hence, if you are running late, simply rewind the show and watch it at your comfort whenever you want to. Additionally, you get a large library of Bollywood and Punjabi movies for free with new movies being added each week.

Simply pay $270 one time and enjoy your favorite channels for the next five years, without any monthly charges.

4 thoughts on “Stay connected with your motherland with Boss IPTV

  1. Boss IPTV Australia, Those guys really know what they are doing. Been with them for a years. I can say this about them; stable and reliable streams. Also, their online support is really good. They are professional, helpful and considerate. This is particularly delightful for me. Have tried other services and support was either almost non-existent or outright awful. Quite shocking when you consider that I am paying for their service. Anyway, give these guys a go. Maybe you’ll like them or maybe you won’t. As for me, for now, I am satisfied with their service. I recommend Boss IPTV to all my Indian friends who live in Australia. Great service.
    Visit at

  2. I feel every indian wants to stay in touch with our motherland, and for this Boss IPTV helps me a lot. I start my every morning with the live talicast of guru-bani, and after that all the latest news of my hometown. My son bought this IPTV for me, and am really happy with it. I recommend this to all, who are willing to stay in touch with our motherland. Watching indian channels, I feel like home in Romania.

  3. If you are looking for Indian IPTV service providers in Europe then I would recommend to choose Boss IPTV Europe ( There are around 600 plus HD channels. I have been using boss iptv provider for almost 2 yrs, with no streaming issues and gr8 customer support, and yes they are streamers that means they publish the original lines that is why the stream quality is super good.

  4. I am using this Boss Iptv from last more then 3years and it provides best Indian channels with no Freezing issue. If I face any kind of issue then their 24/7 customer support fix that issue over the call with in 10-15mins. I would like to say that Boss Iptv is the best IPTV service in USA and I will five 5 out of 5 to their services.

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