VOIS IPTV is the provider of Indian IPTV services in Canada for many decades now. Over these years, the technology of IPTV boxes has changed considerably. Initially, there were the Linux based STBs of the MAG series which were very popular. Now, these are slowly giving way to the Android smart TV boxes, such as Buzz TV, XTV 5G, StreamPro etc which are currently being provided by VOIS. Over a period of time, people have replaced their old TV sets with new smart TVs. And, android based TVs are the ones that have seen high demand. This necessitated the IPTV box providers to have their systems made compatible to work flawlessly with these android TVs. Therefore, VOIS had started offering these very latest technology-based STBs.

XTV 5G is an android based STB that has a dual-band feature and 16 GB of memory. We present the Meelo Plus version of this STB.
Buzztv is another STB with an Android operating system, which comes with dual-band wifi, 2GB DDR3 RAM and 16 GB eMMC memory storage.
stream Buzz TV is also a new age STB that comes with an EMU application which is a video player for content from your IPTV/OTT/VoD requirements.
UNIPRO is another important piece of STB that has 16 GB memory, is built on Android 9.0 and enables a 4K TV experience. It also has 2 GB RAM of DDR4 type.

All of these support different types of audio and video codec formats, besides numerous other features. These features allow VOIS IPTV to provide high definition watching experience.