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Garage Development Calgary

Nowadays you are able to get hold of a huge list of garage builders in and around the Calgary area. However, if you want to get reliable information regarding Garage Development Calgary, there are only a handful of companies which you can place your trust upon. The Calgary Garage Builders fits this description, and has a reputation of serving the customers by customizing the garage floor plans as per their requirements. Further, this Calgary Garage Developer offers affordable solutions with regard to building or renovating garage units.

The Calgary Garage Builders offers many useful tips for the customers to plan garage units according to their needs. Some of these are given below:

1.  Attached or Detached Garages – Which is the best option?
The ongoing trend with regard to building garages is attaching them to the main residential area. Attached garages are convenient in one way in that it is best suited for areas having cold or wet weather. In several modern households, the total square feet of the garage unit is a little bit less than the remaining area of the house. However, they offer several limitations if you consider the whole design of the house.

Detached garage units also have benefits of their own. Some of these are that it can be built separately at a particular distance from the house or even at the back of the house. Since there is no garage attached to the main living area, you get a considerable amount of space where you can plan a kitchen garden or patio. Also, it is quite easy to include an extra living space to a detached garage as compared to an attached garage. Further, if a workshop is set up in the detached garage unit, it can cover up all the odor and noise from the main residence.

2.  Need for Better Orientation
Rather than building a garage facing the street, it is better to incorporate changes in the footprint in order to shift the angle of garage entrance away from the street.

3.  Living Above a Garage Unit
It is not that difficult to design a simple garage which can be connected to the house without dominating it. However, it poses a challenge to build an extra living area on top of the garage. Owing to the combined effect of the wall height of the garage unit and the space on top of it, it would be advisable to raise the roofline of the garage in a way that it is higher than that of the main residential area. In fact, this living space can be utilized as a home office, or rental space, or media room. However, detached garage offers much more advantages in this regard in that you get an additional private space away from home.

4.  Looks also Matter
Some of the finest garage units do not give the feel of one. Instead they show up as an associated part of the house. In this regard, you can think of providing a house-like façade for your garage by adding matching windows, side doors, etc. It is important to discard the bulky look of a single garage door and adding two or more smaller doors.

In short, if you follow the tips provided by Calgary Garage Builders in planning your garage unit, it will benefit you in a number of ways.

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