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Search engine optimization has been the trend lately, all thanks to the increasing competition and the awareness about the benefits of online presence. More and more number of people are now interested in availing the SEO services, in order to stay ahead of their competitors. SEO services are customized according to the nature and objectives of a business. SEO experts are always on the outlook to devise new strategies to cope up with the new trends, in order to achieve better results.

Professional SEO involves deriving new techniques to get good search engine results. Some of the SEO techniques have been used for several years now. Furthermore, there will be many new ones that you have to pay attention to. Here are some of the hot trends in SEO, which have marked a new era of marketing:

Infographics:Infographics could be of great use in order to grab mass attention of the audience. An image combined with some informative text would be very informative for the users. It would lead to the increased business leads. The usage of infographics is a top trend in the SEO market

Long content: This is another hot trend in the SEO market. SEO professionals have diverted their focus towards the long texts and blogs, which contains between 1000-2000 words. Research suggests that long texts get more visibility and visitors spend more time on the website.

Social media:  Social media is the robust platform, which connects people with each other. This platform provides a great tool to promote any business. With the constantly increasing number of users, the use of social media to increase the visibility and marketing of a product is frequent now. This is another trend which will be in limelight for many upcoming years.

Mobile friendly: The number of smartphone users has increased worldwide. Right from the school/college going teenagers till businessmen and professionals, you could see all of them using smartphones. The penetration of smartphones in the global economy has insisted the corporate houses to develop mobile friendly websites. Mobile friendly websites are easy and convenient to be browsed.

AMP: Accelerated mobile pages, it is an open-source coding standard for publishers. The primary motive of AMP is to let the users open and reload a webpage quickly on their mobile phone. Sometime, websites take a long time to respond. AMP is an open source initiative that embodies the vision that publishers can create mobile optimized content once and then could have it load anywhere instantly.

Blog comments: What help would commenting in blog will provide? Indubitably, this is an old and proven strategy to get backlinks on your website. More backlinks means more website traffic, that too without using any of the search engines.

Get the best strategic SEO services

These trends are indeed result oriented one. However, they could be only devised through right strategies and could be executed with the help of right framework. Calgary search engine optimization experts like Server Center can be your ideal source of SEO service in Calgary. You would definitely witness the results, which you wouldn’t have observed earlier. Our subject matter experts and technically qualified engineers will ensure that you always stay ahead of your competitors.

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