Which domain extensions to choose?

Which domain extensions to choose
Servercenter – Which domain extensions to choose?

Choosing a suitable domain extension significantly depends upon the type of business your company is engaged with. For instance, if you’re a local product seller, it is better to opt for country- specific domain name. Companies can acquire a good position with such domain names, as they can efficiently reach out to the targeted audiences and know that they are dealing with local entities.

Some of the most common and popular domain extensions are .com, .net and .org. If you are planning to attract viewers on a global scale and benefit from international activity, it is best to opt for these popular global domain extensions. Some of the domain names like .edu, .gov and .org is specially reserved for government institutions, schools and universities. So, it is critically important for web entrepreneurs to have a clear insight about the functionality of every domain extension.

Common domain extensions and their importance:

Some of the common domain extensions that web hosting companies offer are:

  • .com- The .com extension is by far one of the renowned domain name used for commercial purposes, and most of the web entrepreneurs search for this extension first.
  • .net- This domain extension is usually opted by Internet Service Provider or ISP, whose business is supplying Internet connectivity services to its clients. The service providers can be national or multinational corporations whose business operates to a large customer base.
  • .org- The domain extension is used by non-profit institutions, but any entity is allowed to register this extension.
  • .biz- The domain extension is mostly used by business entities, and it was created due o growing demand of the .com demand.
  • .edu- The domain name is primarily used by educational institutions that are accredited by Licenced education department.
  • .info- The domain extension focuses on informative websites.
  • .gov- Mostly government entities and organizations are liable to use the .gov domain extension. The government-specific top-domain needs to get approval from the Government-sponsored research network.

 What if .com is not available?

Most of the people assume that a .com will perform better and it will help websites to attain good search engine ranking. But domain extension does not have any impact on the search engine rankings. Even a .biz or .info domain performs equally well. It is a self-fulfilling prophecy, and the website needs to be optimized professionally in order to attain better rankings. The only domain extensions that affects the SEO ranking are the country-specific domains. For instance, if your business operates in Canada, a .ca extension will help you attain good ranking in Canada, but it’s rankings will degrade in other countries.

It is common myth that is perpetuated among’st website owners that .com sites rank higher than other domain extensions. The mere fact is that your domain extension does not have any effect on how your site ranks on the search engines. There is no reason for a .com website to rank higher than a .biz or .net site. With Google’s new local search algorithms, it is even more wise to choose a regional domain name, as it can allow companies to attract their local customers. Often times, you can find a .biz or .info domain at a cheaper cost. So, don’t be afraid of choosing those domain extensions!

 The leading web hosting company Servercenter can offer you myriads of domain extension options to select from. The customer support representatives of Servercenter can help you choose the appropriate domain extension in accordance to your business type and region.


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