Dal Makhani- Treat your taste buds with the sumptuous Punjabi delicacy

Dal Makhni in Calgary

When you talk about Indian food, there is a wide variety of traditional dishes that come into our mind and Dal Makhani is one of them. The eminent North-Indian delicacy is well-known for his mouth-watering flavours. The inventory of the popular recipe of Dal Makhani was Kundan Lal Gujaral. It is said that two renowned Punjabi dishes Butter Chicken and Dal Makhani were invented in the same time. Indians love to eat Dal Makhani due its creamy and delightful taste.

Kundan Lal Gujaral was the founder of famous Moti Mahal chain of restaurants and he revolutionized the traditional recipe of black Urad lentil. In those days, Kundan Lal Gujaral used to work in Mukhey da Dhaba that was owned by Mokha Singh in Peshawar around the 1940s. Eventually Mokha Singh’s health deteriorated, and he decided to sell his shop to Gujaral. After India-Pakistan partition, Gujaral migrated to Delhi and carried on the legacy to build Moti Mahal as a popular food institution.

Dal Makhani is usually served with hot chapattis and the Indian specialty is well-known for the Dhaba style cooking. Gujaral also added a twist of taste to the traditional black urad dal recipe by adding tomatoes, butter and cream/yogurt. A North Indian meal is quite incomplete without a descent serving of Dal Makhani.

Jassie Bakhshi, the founder of Kurry Up hails from Delhi and with his constant endeavours he brings the traditional Dal Makhani recipe to Calgary. As the restaurateur, is well acquainted with the authentic Dal Makhani recipe, he always makes use of the perfect blend of spices, to enhance the flavour quotient of the popular Punjabi delicacy. He always prepares the black urad dal with rich tomato gravy, adds a dollop of butter and finishes the dish with descent amount of cream.

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