This February, Kannada films are practically pouring down. While Darling Krishna’s Love Mocktail 2 was set to premiere in the first half of the month. The following is a list of Kannada films that are going to hit the theatres soon.

Love Mocktail 2
Release date: is February 11, 2022.
Star cast: Darling Krishna, Amrutha Iyengar, Abhilaash, Rachel David, Milana Nagaraj,
Rachana inder
Genre: romantic, Drama
Director: Darling Krishna
Second part of the movie Love mocktail directed by actor-producer Darling Krishna. The film begins two years after the original events that took place two years ago, when Krishna’s Aadi (Milana Nagaraj) loses his wife to cancer.

Two Nighties & Four Walls
Release date 11th February
Sujay Shastry, Rachana, Pavithra, Anchal, Shreya Shetty, and Jhanvi Jyothi are among the cast members.
Genre: emotional Drama
Directed by SS Sajjan
The film is a social movie about a father and his adult children, following the growth of the protagonist from a child to a father (middle aged) .

Will release on February 18th.
Tarak Ponnappa, Chaitra J Achar, and Gowtham star in the key stars in Gilky.
Genre: Romantic, Drama
Director: YK
Gilky, directed by YK, is an intriguing love storey in which the characters are specially abled and live in their own world. As per the director and producer, the goal is to depict this universe in a commercial cinema format that is experimental.

Ek love ya
Date of release: 24th February
Genre: Drama, romantic
Director: Prem
Cast: Rachita Ram, Rakshita Prem, Cockroach Sudhi Shashi Kumar Raanna, Reeshma, Charan Raj
A lot hasn’t been discussed about this movie, all we know is that it’s a musical love story and the lead cast is Directors brother.

By Two Love
Release:25th February
Genre: romance
Director Hari Santhosh

With and Sreeleela and Dhanveerrah at the helm of this love storey, the director brings together a young and new combo. The film is a contemporary tale that explores the choices and the lifestyle of the youth today.

Old Monk
Date of release: 25th February
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Director: MG Srinivas
Cast: MG Srinivas, Aditi Prabhudeva Sujay Shastry S.Narayan Sihi Kahi Chandru, Sudev Nair, Aruna Balraj

MG is a director and performer. Srinivas’ most recent film is Old Monk, is a comedy with mythical overtones. Narada Muni is referred to the Old Monk, who is exiled from ‘devaloka’ because he is under a curse that will reversed in life on earth if he falls in love. Srinivas and Aditi Prabhudeva star in the flick.

777 Charlie
Date of release 11th February 2022
Director Kiranraj K
Stars Rakshit Shetty, Charlie, Sangeetha Sringeri
Genre: comedy, drama, adventure
The protagonist, trapped in a bad and lonely lifestyle, spends every day in the comfort of his solitude. Charlie, a puppy, comes into his life and gives him a fresh viewpoint.