One of the foremost names for watching Indian channels online in USA using the internet is Guru IPTV. The company has been in business in USA for about a decade now and has thousands of customers not only from USA but also from Canada. Being one of the major players in the IPTV market, there is no denying the fact that it faces a lot of competition from others. For this reason, we see that it is always innovating and coming up with newer content and latest technology IPTV set top boxes. All this to ensure that the quality of its product is not lost due to technological irrelevance. Let us first go on to explain what it offer before discussing how the users have reviewed it across different web resources.

Guru IPTV Product

Here, the product comprises the set top box and its features as well as the channels which are being offered. IPTV Service providers offers TV content in more than 14 regional languages of India, which makes it one of the most diversified content provider in USA. This meets the needs of all those people who have come to USA from different parts of India and speak all these languages. They can watch TV content in their regional language and stay updated with the latest developments, as well as cultural roots. This is a major entertainment source for the immigrant Indian population.

Movies are one of the major source of entertainment. Guru IPTV does not disappoint on this score. From the old and new movies collection of Bollywood to the star-studded Tamil, Kannada and Telugu movies and much more, the collection is remarkable. There is something for all, across all age groups.

Another important feature of Guru IPTV is the provision for playing back content from the last 7 days. The recordings enable revisiting the content which you have missed.

The set top box which is being provided is compatible with the latest android based smart TV which are present in homes of people in USA. This allows for top quality streaming which much of hitches, blackouts, fluctuations or other issues.

Guru IPTV reviews

Of course, you would be interested in reading the reviews about this brand. It goes without much ado that the people buy after reading through the reviews. It is important for the users to understand that the reviews, whether negative or positive, can be fake as well. The fake negative reviews can be the handiwork of the competitors who want to badly dent the image of Guru IPTV.

Therefore, total dependence on online reviews for purchase decision might not be a good idea. Do check with other sources, such as friends or contacts, on which Indian IPTV is good in general and about Guru in particular.