5 Reasons For You To Choose IPTV Right Today!

When the talk is about the television world, ‘IPTV’ is a sure thing that can’t be missed. IPTV or simply Internet Protocol Television has been ruling the digital media market for a few decades now. The way people used to watch television has completely revolutionized by this oh-so trending service. According to recent research conducted in 2018, IPTV overtook all other platforms to become the second-largest across the globe by subscribers, occupying 23.4% of the total market. Also, it ranked as the fastest-growing platform that year, driven by substantial subscriber additions in Asia-Pacific.

IPTV is growing quickly and the reasons behind its growth are quite overwhelming. If you haven’t opted for IPTV services, it’s high time to do it. And here’s why:

  • Affordable than Cable TV: Cable and satellite TV prices are rising at a faster rate. Today, users have to pay no less than $100 on monthly TV services. On the contrary, most IPTV service companies offer affordable services to their customers, with better content options. That means you can watch more content for several dollars less. You can consider opting for Boss IPTV services (778-372-2112) that allow you to watch ‘free’ TV with no monthly fees. You just need to pay $270 one time to enjoy uninterrupted television for 5 years! 
  • Varied Content: The more channels you opt from your cable/satellite TV provider, the more you will have to pay them. On the other hand, IPTV providers offer a wide range of channels at cost-effective pricing. With the availability of several channel packs including regional packs, curated packs, mini packs, etc., you can choose what best suits your needs. Each pack has up to 500 SD & HD channels. That also means you just need to pay only for what you watch!  
  • Better Viewing Experience: Frequent buffering, low picture quality and bad sound are common problems cable/satellite TV customers face. Cable/satellite TV companies try to equip their limited bandwidth with several HD channels which in turn reduces the quality. As a result, many customers owning expensive plasma TVs and LCDs are not able to view their television in high-definition. Well, this isn’t a problem when you watch TV via IPTV. An IPTV set-top box is designed to offer real-time live streaming and high-definition quality. As the signals are sent via independent networks, there is no congestion in the signals. Also, in case of natural calamities like bad weather, there are least chances that viewers lose connection. 
  • Additional Advanced Features: A two-way communication between an IPTV service provider and the subscriber allows users to enjoy a wide range of services. Many advanced features like digital video recording, video-on-demand (VOD), library & online book sections, home media sharing, etc. can be taken advantage of. There are many IPTV companies like Boss IPTV that offer much more than that! One standout service you can opt from them is watching 20000+ Bollywood & Punjabi movies for free! 
  • IPTV is For All: Apart from general viewers, small and big enterprises especially advertising companies are benefitting from IPTV. Today, companies are employing IPTV to broadcast meetings, training, conferences, etc. to help reduce costs and have a better experience. Also, advertising organizations are using these services to channel their advertisement easily and to get a larger audience.

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