The best Indian IPTV box

best Indian IPTV box

What would be your reaction if we say that you can get to enjoy all your favorite Hindi, Punjabi, Gujarati, Urdu, Bangla/Bengali and other regional Indian language channels in Canada? It is pretty obvious that you would be overwhelmed with joy. Availing the IPTV service is easy, but getting reliable IPTV provider, who offers the best services might be a little grueling. Have you ever come across a situation, where all your friends are enjoying your favorite team playing on their opponent and suddenly the streaming starts to buffer? Well, certainly all those claims such as live TV, no pauses, etc. were false and bogus.

If you still believe in these claims, then VOIS IPTV is definitely the last resort for you. Now you could enjoy the superb HD quality picture, with the additional features like rewinding the live streaming, no freezing or buffering and the ability to rewind the live television channel up to 7 days. Yes, these claims have their existence based upon our promise to deliver the exceptional quality services to our customers.

Have you waited on calls for long time just to register a complaint or to get your query resolved? VOIS IPTV provides 24*7 customer support in Hindi as well as other regional Indian languages. Our customer service experts are always more than happy to serve you. Choosing the best IPTV providers has another reason now. For a limited period of time, pay $300 for one time and you could enjoy the astounding IPTV service for the lifetime. This is not just an IPTV box, but it is an Indian IPTV box full of entertainment. With unrivaled picture quality, access to a huge library of Bollywood movies and pocket friendly services, you surely couldn’t afford to miss this deal.

For more information, visit us at or call us at: 403-775-2000

47 thoughts on “The best Indian IPTV box

  1. VOIS IPTV is the best IPTV I ever used. There customer support services are pretty good. I’m using it from last 2 years and I’m very happy with it. There prices are too reasonable then other service providers.

  2. I am from Toronto using Vois IPTV services from last 3 years, my real brother and 2 more friends are using this services and all are happy with the services. Once my brother box get faulty after 4 months only but I really appreciate the services and they had replaced the set up box without any charges. I recommend all to try once Vois IPTV. Customer services is really nice.

  3. I am using this IPTV from last 2 years, Its performance is Good, Quality is awesome best Part which a customer needs they are offering 24*7 Customer Support ,any time I called them to upload a movie and even I refer my Friends and Relatives, I got 6 months for reference ,Would really recommend everyone to buy this Product

  4. VOIS IPTV is the best IPTV provider ever. I am very happy. there is much content, channels, picture quilty everything is better than others. best part they are offering 24/7 customer care support,any time I called them to upload a movie and even get refer my Friends and Relatives, I got 6 months for reference ,Would be really recommend everyone to buy this Product.

  5. I have been using Jadoo for years, but problem with Jadoo is they keep on changing the IPTV BOX and after every 1-2 years you have to get new Jadoo. When i came to know about VOIS IPTV i bought it same day, as i know this is best value for my money, now i do not have to keep on buy IPTV after every few years. And it is over 4 years and VOIS IP TV still work and work very-very good. Only suggestions i have here is update your STB firmware Every 6-7 month just t make sure you are on latest firmware as VOIS is keep on improving and adding features, some features are very cool. i bought from Vishal, he is very good sales rep, he is in contact with me from day one and added 12 months to my subscription for two reference he took from me. For writing a review also he offered 3 months additional subscription. Vishal can be contact at 4037752000 extensions 5004.

  6. I have been using Vois IPTV from the past three year to watch my favorite channels online and the experience is so good, being away from India I am not missing Indian entertainment.

    There are total 600 plus tv channels in 13 different languages of course at low cost. Users will also get seasonal offers.

    Watch the most sought after live Indian tv content and Events as they happen only on vois tv. For those who are staying away from India and missing Indian entertainment I would strongly recommend vois tv with full of indian entertainment.

  7. I really like the idea of one time payment and no monthly bill, i was little scared to pay $350 as had doubt will VOIS IPTV will work for 5 years, sales rep kept on calling me and finally i bought it. It is over 3 years and VOIS IPTV is still working, channel quality have improved alot in last few years, channels, movie and video club content has also tripled. Same sales rep called me and asked for favor by posting an review, again kept on calling me as i was not able to post review, finally i am posting as i think Sales rep and VOIS IPTV both deserve a review. If you shopping for IPTV, go ahead with VOIS IPTV, do not even think about it, just pay once and enjoy the IPTV for 5 years. Call 403-775-2000 ext 2015, sales rep name is Yogesh. To be honest Yogesh offered me 3 month of additional subscription to write a review, which is not bad but no doubt this is best IPTV.

  8. Vois IPTV box. I bought vois tv box 4 yrs ago.I am really amazed with the service and quality of channels. Box has all Indian channels with 2nd generation buffer less technology. Very happy with the performance. I have tried all boxes but this is something different.

    Hope you will try vois tv box.

  9. Vois IPTV is India’s best IPTV Service provider. Truly digital TV service with richer-than-DVD picture and sound quality. Experience on-demand movies, a user-friendly electronic programming guide, interactive learning games for the kids and lots more. With a huge selection of channels across various genres, Vois IPTV enhances your TV experience like never before with features such as favorites, reminders, alerts and parental lock. I recommend vois tv.

  10. Vois iptv is a complete entertainment package for a family, i like vois tv and even referred my friends as well.

  11. I took VOIS IPTV as my parents are old and they want to watch Punjabi News and Gurbani, VOIS IPTV has a long list of Hindi and Punjabi tv channels. Many channels for Gurbani. I bought this iptv over 3 years and it still work which is the best part. I will give 5 star to this VOIS IPTV

  12. I am Enjoying Hindi channels in Canada makes me feel like I am at my home town, thank you to vois iptv for provding us good services and making us feel like sitting at our home town.

  13. I am very satisfied with their services. It was hard to find a reliable Indian set top box, but my friend made this job easy by recommending VOIS set top box. I get what I expected from a genuine service provider.

  14. Best iptv services I ever had, since I moved to Canada from india, I tried many services but yes I found vois iptv the best provider till now, I am happy enjoying movies and daily soaps, Thank you vois iptv

  15. I have got second box yesterday and both are working fine. No issue with the services. Thanks to the customer service.

  16. VOIS IPTV is the best IPTV I ever used. I’m using it from last 2 years. I’m very happy with it. I didn’t face any type of issue with it till now. Mostly I like it’s big video library which provides me too many Indian movies every week which makes my weekend joyfull. So I like it. So I prefer to go with it and enjoy it.

  17. VOIS IPTV is one the best service i have used till now. They have all the indan channels available. One can enjoy thousands of movies from 1990’s to latest 2020. I like this product personally as it is available with punjabi movies in HD quality.

  18. In my quest for finding the best IPTV services, I found what everyone is looking for: A reliable and affordable IPTV service provider that covers all the bases.Plenty of channels, HD streaming quality, no buffering, and an EPG that covers all channels. It seems like I found another one of those: Iconic Streams. This is the best one and offer a huge library of VOD also.

  19. Vois IPTV is the best service provider for IPTV I have come across in my life time. It promised me that I would get the Hindi channels and also I was fond of old Hindi songs so they told there is a dedicated channel for old Hindi songs. I found them worth believing, so I invested money in this service and to my pleasant surprise I got what they promised. I am very happy with the service and the streaming issue I faced with other providers is hardly to notice in this service, very good service. I got it for 5 year subscription and am sure I will get such level of service throughout my subscription period. I will strongly recommend my friends and those who are enquiring about the services to this Vois IPTV service.

  20. I am really amazed by vois iptv and they are providing really great services for television. I am very fond of the features as well as the streaming of shows and channels. Requests are taken seriously for any channels or videos. 24/7 service is the best thing I can always call up for anything required anytime day or night and they do it asap. I referred many of my relatives and friends and surely recommend anyone to take the services from vois iptv.

  21. I am using VOIS iptv since 2 years and very happy with their service. I never miss my favorite shows as they are providing Last 7 days recording for channels and also some shows are available in vod also. Picture quality is very good and also I can watch the latest Hindi movie there.

  22. Last year I bought the Vois IPTV and was amazed at the wonderful Indian and Movie content they are providing. Now Canada has become a home away from home. Everybody in our locality is using this box now and they all are very happy. Thanks Vois.

  23. VOIS IPTV has completed changed the way I watch my TV, I have had this for around 5 years now and I can honestly say it’s the best IPTV service around the globe. I have never had any issues with this and when I have had a slight problem they have been able to guide myself through the process quick and efficiently.
    Good job guys!!!

  24. Very nice IPTV box. Fast to connect with WiFi, update software and start to go.
    My family uses it like a HD Player.
    We’re happy with this purchase!

  25. The first thing I purchased after moving to Canada was their set top box. I did nt read any reviews regarding it online as i did not have much time to do research. I must say that vois deliver quality products and services as i have not faced any major issue with their services till now. Go for their iptv if you want quality services at affordable cost.

  26. Their technical team is very good. Impressed at the way they repaired an error in my set top box. Very co-operative. Reasonable subscription charges also. Happy that I needn’t hve to worry abt monthly bills now.

  27. Great to see channels in many languages including my native language Tamil. Feeling very nostalgic when I see Tamil programs sitting here at Canada. I called the customer support team to know about set top box warranty. Very prompt response.

  28. Technical team is very supportive. My tv was showing some error and got stuck when it was almost night. I called them and explained this. They quickly responded and rectified it immediately. Highly recommend vois.

  29. I am using this services from almost 3 years and I like the IPTV they are providing. I just paid one time for five years and getting good services, Getting all new movies without paying anything extra. User Interface is also very easy. As my parents as Senior Citizen and they also do not found any difficulty to use it. If they increase the movies in Video Library that will be more good. Customer services is also very supportive.

  30. Extremely helpful customer support and fast efficient. Really I am happy with this subscription. Very good communication, fast delivery, channels are pretty, very high quality, very stable and fast for the price is pretty good.

  31. One of the finest iptv service I have ever used I am getting all my favorite shows and movies and the best part is I can demand for any kind of bollywood movie and they play it quickly really I am loving it….. I recommend to all buy only Vois iptv for better quality of all live channels from India

  32. VOIS? One of the best IPTV services, using it from last 1.5 years, All desi channels and Video on Demand available, Will definitely recommend to my friends for this service.

  33. Guys am from Brampton, Canada, my dad is one of the craziest lovers of Bollywood classics. But the problem is that you will nor able to get those old classics very easily. One of my friend recommended me for VOIS IPTV. Guys I must mention this that they have the largest collection of movies and also they have option for video on demand. Now my dad is at least very happy with it.

  34. VOIS IPTV is the best IPTV provider ever. I am very happy. there is much content, channels, picture quilty everything is better than others. best part they are offering 24/7 customer care support,any time I called them to upload a movie and even get refer my Friends and Relatives, I got 6 months for reference ,Would be really recommend everyone to buy this Product.

  35. I was looking for Indian channels and Indian T.V shows specially for my parents then one of my friend recommended me for VOIS IPTV service .

    initially I was bit concerned about making payment in one shot but later on I realized it was totally worth, what really fascinated me was VOD section where

    you get all the latest movies and shows within a week and best part is their customer support team available 24/7 ready to resolve your issues, highly recommended to those

    who wants to enjoy the services at reasonable price .

  36. Vois IPTV is simple and affordable streaming TV. I recommend Vois IPTV.
    The best part of their service is prompt reply whenever I request my favorite movie they reply very quickly.
    Basically this box is full of Indian entertainment. Thxs Vois IPTV.

  37. Guys am a VOIS IPTV user from a year back. I bought this as they are giving all the regional channels as well as a very good movie gallery section. I paid this for one time and i dont need to pay any changes for 5 years, they are now doing some referral programs also in which i can earn more time to my subscription with no additional cost , this sound interesting to me .

  38. Guys if you are from Charlottetown and looking for Indian channels then I will recommend Vois IPTV Services. Am also using this from last 2 years now, as my parents are looking for all regional Punjabi channels, specially live streaming from gurubani. Else that they have a great collection of dasi Bollywood movies, so in this lockdown situation am also enjoying with it.

  39. Hi, I am a working mother from Ottawa, and a really bad cook, specially for Indian foods. Me and my family loves spicy Indian foods but for that we need to go out or need to order from outside always. In this lockdown situation I got time to explore myself to the kitchen with the help of Indian cooking channels. Thanks to my Vois IPTV, am having really great Indian cooking channels to help me. Now I can say that am not great but I can make some good Indian dishes for my family.

  40. I am a 70 years old from Vancouver. I just want to give a big thanks to my Vois IPTV, as for them only after a very very long time I can able to see the great Ramayana again. It’s feels really nice. Thanks again to Vois IPTV.

  41. I am from Halifax. I was really frustrated with every months fees for my TV subscription. As normally am busy with my work and I forgot to pay all these small bills, so many times the service gets suspended,so I changed to Vois IPTV. I just paid $300 only for 5 years of subscription. Now I don’t have to bother to pay monthly bills and all its cheaper then other services providers also.. Good one for me.

  42. if you to save money from your home entertainment services then check with Vois IPTV. I just bought it few weeks back that why am suggesting this. They are providing there services under $5 per month and with 600+ dasi channels. I really don’t think you can get cheaper IPTV Services in the market then this, and the quality of the service also really good.

  43. I am using this Vois IPTV service since last 2 years now, as am an indian i love to watch hindi channels and all. but in this lock-down situation i again want to explore those nostalgic movie memories , so i called the customer care to request some of my favorite old movies, they told me that some of my favorite movies are already on the VOD section and rest they will add ASAP. Guys believe me they added all my rest movies within 24hrs. I really love there support.

  44. Guys am a Vois IPTV user from a year back. I bought this as they are giving all the regional channels as well as a very good movie gallery section. I paid this for one time and i dont need to pay any changes for 5 years, they are now doing some referral programs also in which i can earn more time to my subscription with no additional cost , this sound interesting to me .

  45. I am from Hamilton. We bought this Vois IPTV few years back as we are willing to get the regional content shows (Punjabi). just few days back suddenly getting some issue with our setup box , am not a technical person so I am a bit confused that what should to do so I called the customer care and told them all the issues, believe me the guys are so polite and good, not only they helped me on the technical accept the talked with me in Punjabi also, so that I can understand better. guys are really nice. God bless them.

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