Tandoori Chicken in Calgary
Tandoori Chicken Calgary

The Mughals were renowned all over the world for their delectable cuisines and usage of rich spices along with unique cooking techniques. The vaunted history of Tandoori Chicken came into existence since the reign of Mughal emperors. During those time, the Mughals used to serve this grilled chicken delicacy in their grand feasts organized in palaces. The Tandoori Chicken was one of their special delicacies that was always included in the menu. Just before the partition of India, Kundan Lal Gujaral the restaurateur who owned Moti Mahal in Peshawar added the traditional dish into his restaurant’s menu.

In order to lure the customers, Gujaral did include a wide variety of authentic Mughlai dishes including the Tandoori Chicken in the menu. In those days, the chicken wrapped with spicy mixture were cooked openly on mud ovens (better known as tandoors) and the delicacy was served hot to the costumers. The chickens were cooked with utmost care in the bell-shaped oven. The oven temperature of 900 degrees was maintained to ensure that the chicken pieces look crispy from outside. Later on, after the partition of India, Gujaral moved to Delhi and his restaurant Moti Mahal earned immense reputation. Even, the first Prime Minister of India, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru was delighted to taste the delicious Tandoori Chicken delicacy at Moti Mahal.

The founder of Kurry Up, Chef Jassie Bakhshi also originates from Delhi and he is well acquainted with the authentic Chicken Tandoori recipe. The experienced chef has made it a point to use the right blend of the finest ingredients and cooking techniques to create the Mughlai speciality. Experience the diverse variety of Indian cuisine like never before, at the amazing restaurant in Calgary. Each of the signature dish served at Kurry Up are prepared with the right mix of fresh ingredients, aromatic spices and adept expertise that can tickle your taste buds and satisfy your craving hunger.