The spread of corona virus across the world has put everyone on an alert. The best way to avoid the spread of virus it through social distancing and by practicing good hygiene. However, an utmost essential in these testing times is a mask. The mask cannot stop the spread of virus but it will keep you and others safe. The mask will protect you from the spread of virus when you are in contact with someone else. You might have heard about N95 mask, now let us talk about N99 mask.

N95 Masks

An N95 mask comes with a high capacity to filter up to 95% of the matter from the air. It has an ability to filter particulate matter 2.5 from the air. PM 2.5 can stay longest in the air and lead to a deposit in the throat, nose and lungs, which can lead to a heart attack. N95 masks are often used in highly polluted cities. The mask will have a valve or two, which is dedicated for exhaled air. It ensures that there is no moisture near the nose bridge or eyes.

N99 Masks

N99 mask is more effective than a N95 mask. It has a capacity to filter 99% of particulate matter from the air which includes bacteria and virus. It is oval in shape and will form a tight seal on the face. It will fit perfectly well on the face and is not a one-size-fits all, which means you will have to try and buy.

N95 will help you breath healthier but N99 will keep you safe in crucial times like these. When you are trying to stay away from germs and viruses, you need to buy a mask that is highly effective in stopping the spread. N99 is an efficient mask which will filter 99% of the particles from air. You will breath healthy and live healthy with an N99.

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