While the health organizations desperately search for a permanent cure for Covid-19, the world is trying to keep themselves safe. In this process, the name you hear often is the N95 respirators. These are personal protective equipment which can keep you safe from airborne germs and pollutants. These are critical health accessories, to be used by physicians, nurses and health workers. Most of the N95 respirators can be also used by people working at construction sites and industries. This prevents the workers from breathing in dust and small particles.

There is a common confusion among public between surgical masks and N95 respirators. FDA (Food and Drug Administration) compares these two face masks on the following grounds.



Surgical Mask- This is a loose fitting face mask. It is used to act as a barrier between the nose and mouth of the wearer. The mask is considered to prevent germs, pollutants and dust from getting into the body. Generally, it is suggested that the face mask should be disposed after every use. You can even use these masks to keep away from bad odor.

N95 Respirator- This is also a respiratory protective equipment. The face mask fits more closely, covering the mouth and nose tightly. The edges of this respirator seals firmly around the mouth and nose. It is considered to be more efficient than the surgical masks in filtering airborne germs and particles. As per test results, N95 respirators can block as much as 95% of airborne germs and dust particles from entering the body; both large and small particles. For this reason, these air purifying respirators are termed as N95.

N95 respirators are single use face masks. These are generally disposed after every patient encounter or aerosol generating testing. Even if there is breathing issue after wearing a N95 respirator and you open it for once, it has to be disposed. So, if you require the N95 respirators for your workers or medical staff in bulk, Rhysley can assist you. Our factory has a capacity of producing 500000 mask a day. So, stay safe and healthy using these advanced face masks. For more information visit www.rhysley.org or email us at helpdesk@rhysley.org.