There is no good watching the IPTV if the set-top boxes are old and use outdated technology. This is common knowledge that the STBs have to evolve as per the latest trends in technology. This technology has various dimensions. First, it can have an impact on the streaming quality of the content, such as HD, Ultra HD, etc. Second, it can also have an impact on how the content is controlled, such as voice commands or the use of remotes. The third dimension is related to the compatibility of the technology being used in smart TVs and set-top boxes. If both are incompatible, there will be issues. At Indian IPTV, all these three aspects or dimensions of the technology are duly considered while providing the set-top boxes to the people. 

Some of the latest features which hinge on the use of the latest technology and which are present in the STBs provided by Indian IPTV in 2022 are the following:

a) Video On Demand– This allows you to request specific videos to be watched and we stream them to your TV as per the requested day and time. Play Back Up to the last 7 days of TV content- You can pause or rewind the TV content for up to 7 days which allows you to watch the programs which you have missed.

c) Ultra high definition TV content streaming- Our STBs provide TV content in 4k resolution. 

d) Enjoy youtube and other web platforms on TV- Using Indian IPTV STBs you will be able to watch YouTube on IPTV.

e) Wifi compatible

f) Personal Video Recorder feature which allows you to record favourite TV programs and watch these later on.

h) Using web chatting and surfing the internet on the TV. 

These are some of the major features provided by the IPTV channel boxes being provided Indian IPTV. Check out the details of the plan packages and know more about the set-top boxes we provided. If you have queries, please feel free to call 431-804-5074