Guru IPTV is perhaps one of the most popular Indian IPTV service providers in United States and Canada. With thousands of subscribers spread across USA, it claims to provide a top class watching experience to users for the Indian content in more than 10 provincial languages of India. I am also one of these subscribers who are using its set top box for getting Indian TV and big screen content right to my home.
The reason for leaving this review is that a lot of negative publicity being done for a really nice product. Why would there be so many websites with the name of Guru, if it were all that bad a brand? Of course, competitors want to take a chunk of market share which Guru enjoys by using these methods. This malicious propaganda by competitors of Guru need to be countered in the right earnest so that the readers are not misled in any way.
Here is my experience of using it for the last 7 years.
a) Customer support- I had the chance to interact with the support team of Guru IPTV for various reasons-installation, subscription upgrades, channel box troubleshooting, replacement of channel box and placing demand for specific movie content….
The customer support is warm and reflective of the Indian cultural sensitivities and sensibilities. For all my interactions till now, this is the common thread. They operate within the realms of professional conduct but add a pinch of typical Indian hospitality to that interaction which is warm to heart.
These guys resolve most of the issues remotely, though some of the issues might take some time. I do not had to ask them to play the movies on demand for me often since I could find most of these coming within my package.
b) Product- I have used a number of other service providers as well but have stuck to Guru IPTV for the longest. The reason is that there are far lesser issues than what the others have. They do inform about the latest technology channel boxes and offer those to me at a good price, far below market place. They are good at customer retention.
Further, since I know three languages, i want to see the content of these three. Guru IPTV provides the content in more than 10 languages including the ones which I want. And, these people provide one of the most comprehensive libraries of content.
Video on demand is another noteworthy feature but I had the chance to use it only on some occasions.
Streaming quality is okay since the hardware is advanced in technology, compatible with my smart android tv.
c) Price- Frankly, their subscription package of 5 years is the most cost effective and it beats the satellite or cable TV prices prevalent in US. This is one of the best to be found in US.