Different uses of the surgical masks

A surgical mask is an example of protective equipment that is used to keep the wearer safe from airborne particles. It is important to identify and recognize ways to prevent the spread of virus and bacteria. Given the current situation of Covid-19, there is a surge in demand for surgical masks.

A surgical mask is a disposable mask that is loose fitting and builds a barrier between the nose and mouth of the wearer. It has the capacity to prevent potential contaminants present in the environment. Surgical masks are labeled as isolation, surgical, procedure and dental masks. They are also known as face masks.


Surgical masks have varying thickness and allows you to easily breath. The main purpose of the mask is to block the large particle droplets, sprays, splashes or splatter which may contain germs. It will keep the germs from reaching your nose and mouth. The mask has three layers and it is not advisable to use it if it is soiled.

The mask is used by surgeons when performing operations because surgery can be messy and involves exposure to different kinds of organic fluids. Masks are highly recommended to be worn to prevent the spread of Covid-19. It is designed to give a two-way protection and will prevent the patient from transmitting the illness to others. The mask will also protect patients from diseases or microorganisms that someone might otherwise transmit unknowingly. It is important for those with a weak immune system.

The mask also prevents you from touching your nose and mouth with hands that may have come in contact with virus or bacteria. In order to get complete protection from Corona Virus, it is important to follow the right directions when wearing the mask. Before putting it on, you need to wash your hands and always discard the mask properly. Ensure that the mask fits perfectly well on your mouth and chin. The ties should go over the ears and around the neck below the ears. Do no reuse the mask and always wear it when you step out of the house. The mask should be worn in addition to maintaining hand hygiene and social distancing.

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