A film is not only about a plot, charismatic performances or direction. It has the perfect mix that has the potential to churn the extra willpower, energy, compassion, and patriotism. And our Bollywood movie industry has some exceptional patriotic movies. Hindi movies are no more merely about rom-com movies, the industry has made some of the finest movies in the category of patriotism and has also bagged some of the finest awards and accolades since the very beginning of the Hindi cinema. What’s more, people can watch their favourite patriotic films through an Indian IPTV from the comfort of their homes. Indian cinema is home to surplus Hindi entertainment. All you need is a good internet connection and a set of good patriotic movies.

Mother India
  1. Mother India: An enigmatic movie of the early 60s, enacted by the charismatic Nargis known for her electrifying performance, plays the role of Radha- a righteous and hardworking woman who struggles to raise her children and feed her husband single-handedly. She faces a lot of hurdles but is against sacrificing her integrity at all costs and at all times. In an attempt to save her children from the wrath and frequent insults of Sukhilala, she incessantly stands against the moneylender.
Gadar: Ek prem Katha

2. Gadar: Ek prem Katha: This movie was a blockbuster and hits the right chord with the paramount dosage of patriotism. In this movie, Tara (Sunny Deol) marries Sakina (Amisha Patel, the lead actress of the 2000s era) and spend their happy married life. But life takes a dramatic turn when Sakina’s father forces them to stay back in Pakistan and separates them from her newly-bonded family forms the crux of the story.


3. Prahaar: It is a popular Hindi film of the 90s that tells you the story and truths of a jawan, who is not able to adjust to the societal settings of the nearby vicinity as he walks in through the streets of his hometown. His morality and his sense of discipline come to the fore whenever he tries to adjust to his current situation. This film was written and directed by Nana Patekar, and the story of the film was nominated for the best plot category. This film is patriotic where every reel of the film, explores the atrocities of a jawan, a person born with integrity.


4. Sarfarosh: The opening scene of the film shows how arms trafficking is taking place and how a handful of policemen and ACP Ajay Singh Rathore (played by Amir Khan) takes the charge of it. This film was a grand success and was released when the India and Pakistan tensions were sky-high during the Kargil war. Here the main protagonist is a medical student and has a secure love life, but life talks a dramatic turn when his brother is shot dead and his father is severely injured. So, leaving his life behind, Ajay Singh Rathore joins IPS and has been doing well, seizing criminals and punishing the culprits responsible for terrorizing the country.


5. Border: A band of 120 Indian soldiers in the Longewala region defend their post all night until they receive assistance from the Indian Air Force the next morning. The plot of this Hindi movie seems like a cakewalk, but in reality, explores the struggles of an Indian soldier to stay abreast withstanding extreme climatic conditions and remembering the last remains of his common life.

Rang de Basanti

4. Rang de Basanti: Another epic film enacted by Amir Khan. Sue has been shortlisting candidates for her project and when she selects a batch of college students for playing revolutionaries. The role unknowingly ignites patriotism in them for a cause. They undergo emotional and mental churning that turns them into patriotic rebels.


5. Lagaan: It is a biopic of a farmer named Bhuvan (stars Amir Khan and Gracy Singh in the lead roles) who accepts the challenge of beating the British Raj Captain Andrew Russell to beat him in his own game (Cricket) so that Bhuvan and his villagers get the right of not paying lagan for three consecutive years. 


6. Lakshya: Following the massive success of Dil Chahta Hai, Farhan Akhtar directed this film about a naïve youngster who discovers the meaning of life atop a hill at 26000 feet after fighting Pakistani militants. Karan, an aimless young guy, enters the Indian Army on a whim but withdraws when he discovers how difficult a soldier’s life is. When this causes friction with his lover, he returns the compliment to make her proud.

Mangal Pandey

7. Mangal Pandey: Mangal Pandey, was an iconic soldier who rose to fame during the British Raj as he induced to revolt against the British Raj as they made use of cartridges made of objectionable raw material, according to Hindu mythology.

A Wednesday

8. A Wednesday: The directorial debut of Neeraj Pandey is perhaps one of the most discreetly nationalistic films in Bollywood. It generates a sense of pride in being an ordinary Indian, despite the film’s action-thriller format. Nonetheless, it provides an insight into the minds of a common man and what he is capable of if he gets awakened.

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